Nicky’s definitely a self-aware character. It’s something I identify with my own experience and in this life. And even a person who can be really self-aware can also be really self-destructive. But I do think that she is somebody who can see things for what they are, and name them. I don’t know that that necessarily means they’re a person that’s like that, and that’s from their own personal experience or anything, but has any power necessarily to do anything with that information. It’s more just like, “Here are these other facts. I’m laying them on the table, whether it’s about myself, whether it’s about our relationship.”

In fact, that’s part of why that scene was so painful for [Yael and I] to play, in part because no person can really fix another person in this life. As much as I may want with all my Nicky Nichol’s heart and soul to tell Lorna that she’s gonna be okay, and other people are gonna love you, I don’t have that power in me. I’m only human. And that’s the heartbreaking aspect of life in general, that nobody can really take another person’s pain completely on their back, as much as they may want to. So in that same way, I think being the voice of reason doesn’t undo the fact that they are actually in a prison. It can’t undo anybody’s single slip-up that landed them in a lifetime of regret.

- Natasha Lyonne on how Nicky Nichols is sometimes seen as “the voice of reason” on the show. (x)
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i cannot go on

i cannot go on

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Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone | Iconic Lines
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get to know me meme: [2/5] favorite tv shows » orange is the new black

↳ God, this is the loneliest place I’ve ever been and I lived in a tree for eight months.

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